Page 3 of our gallery showing various aspects of surface finishing plants and others that Accurate Automation and Consulting has installed for clients.  We look forward to answering your enquiries about the work we do.

PLC and motor control cabinet with power distribution to various auxiliary equipment

PLC and Motor Control Cabinet

Small anodising and hard anodising plant for specialised aluminium machined items.

Anodising Plant with Sulphuric, Chromic and Tartaric Acid process

Anodising plant with sulphuric, chromic and tartaric acid process showing extraction system with polypropylene and PVC extraction ducts and plenums.

Pre-treatment plant for Zinc Phosphating of Steel assemblies

Pre-treatment plant for zinc phosphating of steel assemblies with extraction plenums and electric heating systems.

Inline Stainless steel drying ovens

PVC glass fibre wrapped chromic acid horizontal scrubber system with internal neutralising spray and circulation pump with fan and exhaust duct.

Various Vertical Scrubbers being installed for Electro Plating Industry

Large polypropylene scrubber being transported to site.

Effluent plant Polypropylene tanks ready for dispatch to clients.

Effluent plant polypropylene tanks ready for dispatch to clients.

Complete water purification plant

Complete water purification plant 15 000l/H showing microfiltration section with CIP prior to RO treatment

Inline stainless steel drying ovens

PVC Glass Fibre wrapped Chromic acid Horizontal Scrubber system

Various vertical scrubbers being installed for electroplating Industry, HCl, nickel, chrome, nitric acid, cadmium, silver, hard chrome and copper solutions

Large Polypropylene Scrubber being transported to site.
Large Filter press

Large filter press

Extraction Plenums and ducting on Metal pre Treatment Plant.

Extraction plenums and ducting on metal pre treatment plant.

Containerised 5000 l/h RO plant.

Liquid egg pasteurising plant

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Containerised 5000 l/h RO Plant.

Liquid Egg Pasteurising Plant

Small Anodising and Hard Anodising plant